Es wird einen Lucky Curl’s C Wurf geben!!

Juli 29th, 2010

Der Ultraschall hat es bestaetigt,   Bea wird Welpen bekommen.

Wir freuen uns!!!!

Neue Bilder von den Curlies

Juli 23rd, 2010


Neue Bilder 2

Juli 23rd, 2010


Juli 23rd, 2010

Ch Lucky Curl’s Aphrodite

Am Montag haben wir Ultraschall,  und dann wissen wir genaues…

Solange einige neue Bilder von den Hunden.   Aufgenommen von Jana Oettel die uns mit Ihrer Famile besucht hat.   Vielen Dank dafuer!!

Updates and News

Juli 16th, 2010

So many things happened during the last few months ….

In April Bea and me attended the Curly Specialty in Claremont California.   We had a lot of fun, met many new friends and Bea passed her WCX

During May I was hoping for Bea to come into Season because my original plan was to mate her with BISS CH DownDaTrail Hunting Thrills while I was still in the US.   But of course, usually things don’t work out as you plan…  Bea showed no signs of coming into season.  So on June 8th  we returned to Germany.

As soon as we settled down in Germany,   things started to get exciting.  Bea showed signs of coming into season.   So on June 21st  I returned to the US to meet Thrills..   Bea and him liked each other a lot and so right now we are hoping for a nice litter at the end of August.

In about 10 days we will do Ultrasound to check whether our trip was sucessful.

März 11th, 2010

pap_8242.JPGWaiting in the blindpap_8277.JPG Sending Bea for the markpap_8285.JPGpap_8950.JPGpap_8964.JPGpap_8967.JPGpap_8969.JPGpap_8973.JPGpap_8978.JPGpap_8997.JPG

Hunttest in Florida

März 11th, 2010

Bea and myself are staying in Florida right now.   Last weekend we had the chance to participate in a Hunttest closeby.  It was a very very nice day!!!    Bea passed the test. As there was a very nice photographer  some awesome pictres were taken

Wurfplanung/ Planned Litter

März 11th, 2010

Wenn alles gut geht wird es diesen Sommer einen Wurf im Zwinger Lucky Curl´s geben.   Bea sollte im Juni läufig werden und es wird höchstwahrscheinlich ein amerikanischer Rüde werden. Wir freuen uns schon sehr     This Summer we will hopefully have a litter in our Kennel Lucky Curl´s .   Lucky Curl´s Beatrix should come into season this June.   We are looking for a nice american Male

Working for fun!

Februar 27th, 2010

Working for fun!

Too much! We all hope that the snow will be gone soon!

Februar 27th, 2010

Cowboy in good fashion